Student commits suicide for Telangana

An engineering student, Dinesh Chandra (21) allegedly hanged himself in his house in Pavanpuri Colony near Karmanghat, on the outskirts of Hyderabad, on Wednesday morning, police said.
A suicide note, believed to be written by him, appealed to the TRS president K. Chandrasekhara Rao to achieve formation of Telangana State without calling for ‘bandhs’, which were disrupting civic life.
Police found the letter in the room where the third-year engineering student of Arora Engineering College, ended his life. The youngster maintained that at least his death should now lead to formation of Telangana State, police said quoting the letter.
Dinesh Chandra was stated to have sent text messages to his brother in law and a friend that he was ending his life. Worried over the messages, they contacted his sister Divya, a teacher working in a private school. She rushed home to find Dinesh Chandra’s body hanging.
The student hails from Achampet town of Mahabubnagar district and is the son of an accountant in town’s Agricultural Market Committee.
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